Public Sector

SFOBB Maintenance Complex

Oakland, CA.

8 new buildings including Tow services, bridge Maint., Wash Rack, Electric Su Shop, Paint Maint., Training Center/Field Office, and Maint. Equipment Storage and remodel of Historic ERBYS building, totaling over 136,000 sq. ft.  Completed the project to 45% level for the mechanical and plumbing systems.

SFOBB Toll Administration Building

Oakland, CA

Replacement of the existing Toll Operations building with new 3 story Facility with approx. 23,000 sq. ft. of air conditioned/ventilated spaces

Capitol Expressway LRT Light Rail Transit

San Jose, CA.

Extension of the Light Rail Transit from the Alum Rock station down to the Eastridge Station including new stations at Story Road and Ocala.  Provided plumbing and mechanical systems for the glass elevators and bus shelter/LRT facilities.

CalTrain, Engineers Buildings

San Jose, CA

CalTrain engineering building, 4,000 sq. ft., at the recently completed San Jose CalTrain site; mechanical design for offices, office support, and back-up systems for computer rooms.

Veterans Administration Hospital, Clinical Laboratory Remodel

Fresno, CA.

Remodel of the existing 10,000 SF clinical laboratory.  Project included a new 100% outside air handler with air-to-air heat exchanger for pre-cooling and pre-heating, new distribution ductwork  with steam reheat system modifications, temperature controls, and new general laboratory exhaust, fume hood and bio-safety cabinet exhaust, with a  new BL-3 space.

Stanford University Aquatics Complex Expansion

Stanford, CA

VAO is currently in design to provide heating of the new 50 meter competition pool and diving pool, and the 6,000 square foot shower, locker, toilet and equipment facility.  Pool heating and domestic water heating is provided from a new 15,500 lb per hour high pressure steam main served by the campus Central Steam Plant.  The new underground steam distribution main (600 ft.) will serve the 2,500,000 gallon aquatic center.  Design included finite element analysis of underground steam pipe stresses to provide for 135 psi, 400°F operating parameters without the use of expansion bellows.  Design included pressure reducing stations, cu/ni alloy heat exchangers, and steam condensate return.

Valley Transportation Authority,  North Coach Tank Farm

Mountain View, CA

New central bulk distribution/pumped delivery system and bulk collection waste system for the bus yard fluid systems including ATF, motor oil, antifreeze, waste motor oil and waste anti-freeze.  The design included a recessed outdoor containment yard with underground double contained fluid delivery systems to the adjacent bus services building.

Santa Clara County Fire Marshall Association

Santa Clara, CA

Conducted a study for the Toxic Gas Model Ordinance.  Performed mathematical modeling simulations for the catastrophic release of Class I and Class II toxic gases.

Valley Transportation Authority, West Corporation Yard

San Jose, CA

Replacement of two 10,000 gallon underground storage tanks and dispensing pumps.
Valley Transportation Authority, Fueling Station At North Coach Bus Terminal, Mountain View, CA:  Replacement of two 10,000 gallon underground fuel tanks and dispensing pumps.

Valley Transportation Authority, Temporary Above Ground Fueling Station At North Coach

Mountain View, CA

Provided fuel, ATF and antifreeze tanks and dispensing pumps.

Valley Transportation Authority, Above Ground Waste Oil Tank At Schallenberger Corporation Yard

San Jose, CA

New waste oil tank including removal of existing underground tank and gravity drainage system and installation of pumped overhead waste oil piping system from remote service bays.

Valley Transportation Authority, Building “A” HVAC Renovation

San Jose, CA

Added new and replaced eight roof mounted heat pump units including rezoning and duct modifications for new space layouts, and provided centralized DDC control system for Buildings A, B and C.
Valley Transportation Authority, Main Office Relocation, San Jose, CA:  Relocated the offices into existing buildings on North First.

Valley Transportation Authority, Dynamometer Testing Facility

Santa Clara County, CA.

Design of a new bus dynamometer system at the SCC Overhaul & Repair main facility.  The design included an underground holding/transfer tank, cooling tower, transfer pumps, and fully modulating motor loading control for 350 HP output.

Santa Clara County GSA 70 West Hedding Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Upgrades

San Jose, CA

Review of the HVAC system to improve indoor air quality, including modifications to the built-up penthouse fan system, controls, zoning and air distribution system.

Santa Clara County General Services Administration, Generator Fuel System

San Jose, CA.

Design of a diesel fuel storage tank with delivery system to serve the existing emergency generator located above the 11th floor for the 70 West Hedding Building.

Emergency Housing Consortium,  Reception Center

San Jose, CA

Complete renovation of a 35,000 SF R&D building into a homeless shelter for 200 single and 50 family occupants.  The facility provides separate sleeping, toilet and shower, laundry and dining room facilities for single and family occupants.  The kitchen prepares 750 meals per day.  Office area of 3,800 SF has been provided for the regional staff personnel.  A separate commercial laundry facility serves the regional laundry needs of other outlying shelters.  The existing 70 tons of rooftop DX cooling units were re-used and supplemented with an additional 12 tons to provide a new variable air volume cooling  system with perimeter hot water reheat coils for heating for a 22 zone HVAC system.

Valley Transportation Authority, Bus Wash Waste Remediation

Santa Clara County, CA.

Provided a complete design for  the collection and treatment for waste water produced from the hot spray wash of the bus under-carriage components.  The system design included the bus wash-down collection system, settling tanks, transfer systems, chemical treatment, and solidifying/sludge press system.  The system was installed at three VTA bus sites.

Sacred Heart Community Services, Community Services Center

San Jose, CA.

New 23,000 SF mixed use facility including A-3, E-3 and S-1 occupancies.  Project includes Early Childhood Preschool and Toddler areas, Learning Center, Computer Lab with 50 PC’s, Joblink Counseling, Housing Assistance, Clothing and Pantry, as well as administrative support areas.

City of San Jose Redevelopment Agency, Miscellaneous Projects

San Jose, CA

Various projects for RDA including plumbing/piping for McEnery Park Kiosks and Pump Vault, Tot Lot at Arena Green and Kiosk at Arena Green, and HVAC and plumbing upgrades for Wings Restaurant.

Mission College, Miscellaneous Projects

Santa Clara, CA

Various projects including chilled water system valve replacements, new computer room HVAC installation, cooling tower replacement, and new sump pumps.