Universities & Higher Education

Stanford Stern Hall

Palo Alto, CA

Remodel of existing full service kitchen,16,200 sq. ft. of .  Design included mechanical and plumbing systems for all servery, hot & cold food prep, dining, food storage, and support facilities.

Stanford Commissary

Palo Alto, CA

On-site food storage facility to accommodate student population in case of campus-wide emergencies. Mechanical conceptual design of refrigeration systems needed to convert building existing meat processing building into modern food storage/handling facility.

Stanford Wilbur Hall

Palo Alto, CA

Mechanical and plumbing remodel of existing full service kitchen, 6,400-sq. ft. for servery, food prep areas, dining/seating areas, food storage, and support facilities.  Design includes central plant steam cooking, integrated control system for Ansul/hood wash/power systems, direct evaporative make-up air, multiple grease duct systems.

Stanford University Aquatics Pool Complex

Palo Alto, CA

This world class 2,000,000 gallon swim center remodel includes 4 major pools, 2 built-in hot spas, and major expansion for men and women shower/locker/restrooms. Design included 15mmBtu high pressure underground steam piping with finite element stress analysis, steam reduction system, pool heating exchangers and condensate returns.

Stanford Branner Hall

Palo Alto, CA

Mechanical and plumbing remodel of this prestigious historical landmark building full services kitchen, 8,800-sq. ft. of area including complete mechanical and plumbing remodel of the public servery, kitchen/prep, food storage, and support facilities.

Stanford Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE)

Palo Alto, CA

Remodel of entire central kitchen facility serving this fraternity. Design included remodel and code compliance for all plumbing and mechanical systems, grease exhaust and  grease trap.

Stanford Hospital chilled water loop

Palo Alto, CA

Engineering assistance to installing contractor for the design, sizing, routing and code compliance for a new chilled water service to new computer rooms distributed throughout this 5 story building.

Stanford Earth Sciences

Palo Alto, CA

Remodel/expansion of HVAC serving classrooms and professor office spaces. Integrated systems with existing ventilation and comfort heating availability.

Stanford High Energy Physics Lab (HEPL)

Palo Alto, CA

Retrofit of process cooling water PCW system serving underground laser lab tunnel laser test locations. Design included analysis of system component, capability of interface/backup connection to central campus underground chilled water system.

DeAnza College

Cupertino, CA

Expansion of central boiler plant building S-2.  Integrated additional boiler to achieve overall 10mmBtu plant capacity. Produced isometric view to clarify congested installation.

College of San Mateo

San Mateo, CA

Design the retrofit of underground steam piping distribution piping at existing failing expansion bellows locations.

Skyline College

San Bruno, CA

Reviewed entire campus underground steam piping system.  Identify deficiencies in installation. Provide detailed recommendations/solutions.

Mission College

Santa Clara, CA

Replacement of indoor campus central plant cooling tower. Mechanical design included detailed fit-up of very tall tower within a confined area and integration into existing chiller tower piping.