High Filtration Rooms

Applied Materials, Building 8 Assembly and Testing Facility

Sunnyvale, CA.

Complete renovation of an existing 60,000 SF building to provide a 30,000 SF Class 10,000 clean room for assembly and testing of wafer fabrication tools and 30,000 SF of support office and shipping/receiving space.  The HVAC system included two 200 ton air cooled chillers, fourteen air handlers, variable speed pumping and DDC controls.  Process systems included two 140 ton air cooled chillers, two 60 HP air compressors, etch gas supply and distribution for nitrogen, oxygen, argon and C2F6 gases.

Lockheed Missiles and Space Company

Sunnyvale, CA

Various projects including lab facilities, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto, CA:  Building 156 Hubble Space Telescope Clean Room;  Building 158a High Bay Clean Room; Building 202A Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Room;  Building 190 Central Chiller Plant and Computer Room;  Building 159 Manufacturing Facility.

Chip Express Clean Room

Santa Clara, CA

Renovation of 20,000 SF with 3,000 SF of Class 100 clean room including a clean area for the E-beam equipment and 1,000 SF for Quality Control Lab.  Project included new HVAC on an existing lightweight roof, new equipment yard, 12,000 cfm scrubber and process exhaust system, process piping including DI water and specialty gas systems.

On-Track Systems

Milpitas, CA

1,000 SF Class 10 clean room remodel of existing manufacturing area.


Milpitas, CA

Remodel of existing space to 1,500 SF Class 10 clean room.  Project included a clean bay/corridor layout with common return air ducted supply diffusion grilles for improved laminar air flow, liquid waste collection and process exhaust system.

General Electric Fanuc Facility

Union City, CA

class 100 clean room totaling 1,540 SF for diffusion furnaces and support equipment.  The project was a remodel of existing B-2 space to H-6 Occupancy, and included toxic gas cabinets and associated piping, containment and monitoring, and scrubbed exhaust system.

Hewlett Packard E-Beam Room, Building 26

Palo Alto, CA

New 5,000 SF Class 100 clean room with close temperature control (±0.4°F) and humidity (±0.5%RH) systems.  The project included retaining and modifying existing air handling equipment, a new desiccant air dryer, steam humidification, and electric duct heaters with SCR control.

Equipe Tech Cleanroom Remodel

Mountain View, CA

Remodel of 40,000 SF, including 14,000 SF of cleanrooms for robotic wafer handling automation, gown room, and associated office support spaces.

PRI Automation Cleanroom Remodel

Mountain View, CA

Remodel of 10,000 SF including 4,500 SF of cleanrooms form robotic wafer handling automation, gown room, and associated office support spaces.

DAS Devices Cleanroom Expansion

Milpitas, CA

Expansion totaling 5,000 SF of Class 100 cleanrooms. Modifications were made to the existing central chiller and central boiler system, including distribution changes to accommodate environmental control.  Existing restrictive site conditions required careful layout and design of new mechanical equipment.

Optic Net

Hayward, CA

Remodel/expansion of 3,000 SF space, including the installation of a Class 10 and Class 100 cleanroom area.


Milpitas, CA

Existing 1,500 SF of cleanroom was experiencing environmental control problems.  Project involves analysis of current air balance, air distribution, and control system to determine solutions for providing flexibility and microclimate temperature control.