Data Centers & Rack Rooms


Roseville, CA.

Relocation of the NCOC from San Francisco to 85,000 SF data center for the Northern California Operations of Wells Fargo Bank, 40,000 SF of raised floor.  Systems included chillers, Computer Room Air Conditioners, 100% redundancy systems, on-site water storage for cooling towers, emergency generators and on-site above ground fuel storage.


Hayward, CA

Provided engineering support for conceptual planning, due diligence and code analysis for the new 250,000 Pac Bell data center.  Detailed planning and concept design analysis was performed.  Systems included the central and redundant chilled water, cooling water and condenser water systems, on-site water supply for cooling towers, air compressor system and compressed air backup receivers including (5) 22 ft by 5 ft vertical tanks, single point failure analysis, and security review of mechanical systems.

Amdahl Corporation, Buildings M4 & 07

Sunnyvale, CA

Over 100,000 SF of raised floor computer facilities.  Design included chiller plant with redundant systems, integrated control system, and security systems.  In addition to detailed loads analysis, studies included a utilization analysis for compressed air and chilled water back-up.

Stanford- West Electronics Communications Hub

Stanford, CA

Expansion building to serve the communications systems for the western expansion of the campus,  project included extensive analysis of mechanical cooling system options, and UPS battery life/ventilation/ lifespan analysis.

Cal Train CCF

San Jose, CA

Centralization of small data center and office support functions.  Project included value engineering of mechanical solutions and redundant system capability.


Cupertino, CA

Retrofit of existing data center that was experiencing hot zone problems created from load expansion. Project included major remodel of adjacent office space, added main rooftop air conditioners.

Symantec Data  Room remodel

San Francisco, CA

Expansion of the existing cooling system needed for I.T. room load increase.  Project required added CRAC unit with interconnection to existing

San Jose Central Service Yard

San Jose, CA

Building G telecom room.

CalTrans Toll Operations

Oakland, CA

Demolition and replacement of 3-story Toll Operations Building. Project includes new toll operations offices with cooling systems serving the SCADA room, T.O.S. room, UPS room, and I.T. room.